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Our viewers love the family-friendly shows KWHB offers like Heartland, Murdoch Mysteries, M*A*S*H, Andy Griffith, Mad About You and Who's the Boss. On weekends, we air “first-run” programs about hunting, fishing and outdoor living that are certainly popular Oklahoma past times. Sports programming includes live ACC college football and basketball plus the NCAA Sports Specials - all well targeted for the Tulsa and Northeastern Oklahoma market. On weekday mornings, our rural viewers have a cup of coffee and catch up on the latest farming techniques and commodity pricing with Ag Day and on Saturday mornings we air the US Farm Report. We are well programmed for the Oklahoma Market and comScore show us with nearly 300,000 households tuning in.

KWHB is pleased to broadcast both national and local Christian programming from leaders in their field, thus giving our viewers a mix of “Faith & Family” programming; perfect for the conservative Tulsa market place.

KWHB TV 47 broadcasts over the air on Channel 47, and is carried on Cox Cable channel 9 and 1009, Dish 47 and AT&T 47 in the Tulsa area. Our coverage includes all of Green Country and beyond with 82 different cable systems. KWHB broadcasts its signal into over 525,000 households in Northeastern Oklahoma. 47.1 is KWHB TV 47’s main family friendly channel; 47.2 is Light TV; 47.3 is FBC’s own network WHT.

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