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KWHB-TULSA:  Advertise With Us: Deciding how to advertise is difficult.  Customers are harder to reach, so how can a business determine if its advertising investment will deliver results?   Television is today's most powerful advertising tool.  Nielsen's 2018 survey of marketing experts ranks TV's ad effectiveness as twice as powerful as Print or Radio.  And though Digital has its strengths, 51% of marketers surveyed ranked television advertising as "very important" vs 18% for digital media.   Local TV advertising is less expensive than most think - and KWHB-TV can connect your business with local families at a very attractive price.  Having served Tulsa for 25 years, KWHB offers the quality programming, a family-friendly reputation, and the market coverage necessary to deliver results.   If you would like to learn how KWHB can drive more in-store traffic, sell more product, generate more web visits, or build you business's brand image, please contact us.  There is no obligation and we would be delighted to assist you.   And be sure to ask about the "FBC Guarantee"!   Thank you.

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